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Quality Control

Quality Control Concrete Pavers

At NewTech Pavers we don’t compromise on quality.

Our aim is to “Combine Creativity with Technology” to create stylish paved areas no matter the application.

To achieve this we choose to use superior materials and techniques that are unique to NewTech.

When NewTech Pavers entered the industry of concrete paver manufacture our research identified key issues of concern for contractors, specifiers, end users and retailers of existing products. At NewTech Pavers we manufacture a paver that can satisfy the most stringent requirements of all concerned.


An accurate and consistent production process is used to maximise paver quality, strength and durability. Pavers are hand crafted to ensure minimal depth variation and a sound reverse side for stick-down work. This, along with the highest quality raw materials, and staff that take pride in producing one of Australia’s best pavers, ensures our end product is of the highest quality.

Concrete Technology

NewTech Pavers incorporate the 30 years of concrete technology experience of the company founder. This involves innovative use of premium quality materials and production techniques to create a consistent high quality paver that eliminates many of the shortcomings often found in large format wet-cast concrete pavers.


Strength is a good indicator of general concrete quality. At NewTech Pavers we use concrete with a strength of 60MPa. (Most house slabs are 20MPa). This high strength not only results in a sound durable paver, but also gives a very low damage or breakage rate. This means customers can order quantities more accurately and save money by not having to allow for a high rate of breakage or damage.


NewTech Pavers are packaged on oversize pallets to protect the pavers and minimise potential damage in transport. When the pavers arrive on site they are wrapped and strapped in a manor that maximises protection from the elements until use.

Attention to detail, experience and knowledge, accurate refined production methods and pride in our product are just some of the many factors that all go towards ensuring that NewTech Pavers produces one of Australia’s highest quality concrete pavers.

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